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Founder and CEO

I am the developer of ZERO-TEX®, and since 2012, before the term “SDGs” even existed, I have been dedicated to the development of sustainable materials with the motto “For the future. For the future of our planet.” My goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in the fashion industry and build a net-zero society. I am an outlier, challenging conventional norms in the fashion industry. For instance, at BIOTECHWORKS-H2, I convert discarded garments into hydrogen, leading the way towards renewable energy. My mantra is “From sustainability to regeneration.”

Make the move, Make our future better

Akihide Nishikawa



  • Joined Yamagin Co., Ltd. in 2016
  • Guest appearance for our brand “flyaway” on QVC Japan from 2016 to 2019
  • Active participation as a guest on QVC Japan for 12 years since 2008
  • Assumed the role of Sales Manager for ZERO-TEX® in 2022
  • Has completed a short-term course in an announcer school
  • Fluent in English at a native level




July 2020
Started development of washable protective fabric, the precursor to ZERO-TEX.

August 2020
Met the standards of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) (AAMI Level 2 after 50 washes).

December 2020
Achieved AAMI Level 2 after 100 washes in collaboration with TORAY Group’s PENFABRIC. Developed medical gowns with enhanced safety through unique sewing methods.

January 2021
Launched as “Washable Medical Gowns” and issued a joint press release with YAGI Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market, Securities Code: 7460). On the day of the release, YAGI Co., Ltd. experienced a “stock price limit up.”

May 2021
Evolved further to become a versatile material for uniforms, sports, and fashion apparel. Launched as “ZERO-TEX” brand.

October 2021
Exhibited at “Sustainable Fashion EXPO,” the largest sustainable fashion exhibition in Japan, held at Tokyo Big Sight.

January 2022
Achieved sales of 550 million yen in the first year since the launch. In the second year, focused on branding ZERO-TEX rather than pursuing sales growth.

February 2022
Registered the trademark “ZERO-TEX®” (Registration Numbers: 6511586/6511587).

April 2022
Exhibited at “Sustainable Fashion EXPO” held at Tokyo Big Sight. At the exhibition, gained attention by showcasing our concept car, the hydrogen-powered vehicle “MIRAI.” Introduced “ZERO-TEX 2nd Generation,” achieving “26% CO2 reduction.”

October 2022
Exhibited at “Sustainable Fashion EXPO” held at Tokyo Big Sight. Distributed 2,000 catalogs in 2.5 days to approximately 19,000 visitors and exchanged business cards with over 800 individuals from 500 companies, creating buzz. Announced “ZERO-TEX 3rd Generation,” achieving “52% CO2 reduction and 70% reduction in water usage during dyeing.”

March 2023
Participated as a representative of sustainable fashion in “Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo,” one of the world’s top 5 fashion weeks. Received numerous interviews from domestic and international media through collaboration with students from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

May 2023
Established “ZERO-TEX Corporation” as a spin-off from Yamagin Co., Ltd. with the aim of expanding ZERO-TEX®.



ZERO-TEX® Started


Developed The First Generation Of ZERO-TEX®



ZERO-TEX® was finally launched as a product. Our ZERO products have been well received by customers, and in the first year, we had 5 million USD in sales (about 550 million Japanese yen).



An exhibition was held at Tokyo Big Sight, where ZERO-TEX® attracted much attention for its distinctive water repellency feature. We received many inquiries about ZERO-TEX® as a material not only for protective clothing, but also for fashion clothing, uniforms, and miscellaneous goods, and many new business opportunities were forged.


The Second Generation Of ZERO-TEX®

Introduced the upgraded ZERO-TEX® with 4 ZEROs


We will start green hydrogen conversion in the US with our BiotechWorks project and complete the construction of our recycling system

ZERO will end decptive susbainability.

OUR philosophy

Five ZERO-TEX® Values

All ZERO-TEX® products are developed and produced with five factors in mind.
We believe it is important to make products that are not only environmentally friendly now,
but also functional, long-lasting, safe, and friendly to the future earth.

1. Sustainability – Putting the Environment First

2. Function – Creating Products that Meet all Needs.

3. Quality – To Supply Long-lasting Products

4. Safety – Safe and Reliable

5. Futurism – Earth-friendly Products for the Future

About Us

Corporate Profile

Company Name ZERO-TEX Inc.
Head Office Tokyo Head Office 6F Jingumae S bldg. 6-18-3 Jingūmae, Shibuya City Tokyo 150-0001 Phone: 03-5422-9701 FAX: 03-3498-6072 Okayama Branch Office 5F, 3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0032 Phone: 086-255-1200 Kanda Branch Office 7F, 2-8-13 Higashi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0031 Phone: 03-5829-4961
CEO CEO Akihide Nishikawa
Established May 10, 2023
Capital 10,000,000yen
Closing Month End of March
Major Banks Resona Bank Ueroku Branch
Business Details Fabric development and planning Fabric sales Import, export and wholesale sales of textile products Planning, manufacturing, and sales of OEM and private label products Planning, production, sales, operation, and management of websites
Website https://zero-tex.com
Suppliers China / Vietnam / Cambodia / Malaysia Dalian Wanlin IMP & EXP Co.,LTD. IIJIMA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD Komatsu Matere Co.,Ltd. Kyodo International Corporation, Inc. Pen Fabric/Toray Group Takisada Nagoya Co.,Ltd. Toray Industries, Inc. Apparel maker(*Alphabetical order, without honorifics)
Companies that have endorsed our project and our business partners


*Alphabetical order
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