Fabrics that are Friendly to You and to the Environment


Four Advantages of ZERO-TEX®



Ten High Performance Features

AAMI Level 2

Durable Water Repellency



Pollen Release

Cool Touch

Moisuture Permeability

UV Protection

Stain Resistance

Easy Care



Long-term use reduces both purchase costs and disposal costs


Durable fabric is washable and can be machine dried

Long-lasting Water Repellency

According to our research, water repellency lasts more than 100 washings and dryings
[ 21TK301693-00(1/1) Japan Textile Quality Technology Center ]



Reduced CO2 emissions

Reduced water use

Sustainable Development Goals


Social Responsibility

We care about both global and work environments

A platform that collects waste apparel products and converts them to hydrogen

Toyota「MIRAI」Hydrogen-fueled Concept Car

ZERO-TEX® is a material produced by PENFABRIC, of the Toray Group in ASEAN. All raw materials, dyeing and processing is provided by PENFABRIC’s premium label “MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®” PENFABRIC is a trusted company that was named Oeko-Tex ‘Company of the Month’ in 2014.

What is your interest in ZERO-TEX®?

"There are other fabrics that repel water, but we are thinking ahead to the future of hydrogen conversion."
"I am interested in ZERO-TEX®’s environmental platform."
"The fact that it is manufactured without using toxic substances such as PFOA and PFOS."
"There has never been a fabric that contains cotton and has this much water repellency."
"Not only is it water repellent, but it also has the protective performance required for medical gowns."

Want to know more?

Five Functions of the Useful and Versatile ZERO-TEX®

For the Outdoors

ZERO-TEX® boasts outstanding water repellency and is surprisingly lightweight. ZERO-TEX® has also passed international top-level environmental safety certification. It is an environmentally gentle and comfortable to wear product. ZERO-TEX® has been tested by a domestic testing institute, proving that even after 100 washes and dries, the “ultra” water repellent durability is maintained.

Rain Protection

The most attractive feature of ZERO-TEX® is its “durable water repellency”, which means it can be washed 100 times. Even in a sudden shower, it repels water and removes steam from the inside of the fabric, so it does not become clammy. ZERO-TEX® has been tested by a domestic testing institute, proving that even after 100 washes and dries, the “ultra” water repellent durability is maintained.

Resistant to Dirt

ZERO-TEX®” is resistant to water-based stains*, and light stains can be quickly removed, so it will continue to look clean. 

*Excludes oil and some other types of stains.


Provides Peace of Mind and Safety in the Medical Field

It is important that fabrics used for medical wear protect the medical personnel who wear them. ZERO-TEX® is safe and secure because it has cleared strict standards. The AAMI level is a worldwide standard established by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Devices for barrier performance of gowns and drapes. Even after washing “ZEROTEX®” 100 times, it still meets the “AAMI Level 2” barrier performance.


It has a Multitude of Applications

ZERO-TEX®” is a multifunctional fabric that protects against not only rain but also UV rays. It is ideal for business and formal occasions such as commuting, meetings, shopping, dining out, and events.

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Gentle on the Environment

Bringing Innovation Local

Third Generation of『ZERO-TEX®』

0 %
Reductions in CO2 Emissions
0 %
Reductions in Water Use


We contributed to the reduction of waste by developing a reusable infection prevention garment instead of a disposable one.


We launched the concept of “BIOTECHWORKS® Zero Waste Clothing”, which is a new technology to convert used clothing into hydrogen energy.


We have succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 52%* in the manufacturing process, realizing even more environmentally friendly production.

*Compared with our emissions in 2019.


Further evolution for even more environmental solutions.

Five ZERO-TEX® Values

All ZERO-TEX® products are developed and produced with five factors in mind. We believe it is important to make products that are not only environmentally friendly now, but also functional, long-lasting, safe, and friendly to the future earth.

Sustainability - Putting the Environment First

ZERO-TEX® is committed to reducing GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and water consumption, and we aim to be the world's first* carbon neutral material with zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

*According to our own research

Function - Creating Products that Meet all Needs.

ZERO-TEX® is a material developed for all kinds of situations. ZERO-TEX® is a multi-functional material with 10 properties including water repellency, breathability, and moisture permeability that can withstand a wide range of applications including normal daily life, sports, outdoor activities, uniforms, and medical use.

Quality - To Supply Long-lasting Products

"If a product meets your needs for a long time, the satisfaction of those who use it will surely last longer." In addition to the strength and quality of our products, we inspect all production lots at our quality inspection facility prior to shipment and only ship problem-free products.

Safety - Safe and Reliable

Safety and security is taken seriously at ZERO-TEX® including at production plants.

Futurism - Earth-friendly Products for the Future

ZERO-TEX® is a solution developed with the future of the global environment as a top priority, and each and every one of us involved in ZERO-TEX® will work together with a strong will, transcending the barriers of industry and national borders.


If you have any questions or comments, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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