This multifunctional fabric is exclusively produced by TORAY Group PENFABRIC.
Third-generation ZERO-TEX® is an unbeatable multiuse material for all situations.


Multi-function fabric

Experience the well-researched features of this multifunctional fabric:

We keep the test results fresh and ready, and they ace the check by the certification agency.  Updated on: July 14, 2023

Durable Water Repellent

Durable water repellency:
Grade 3 after 100 washes


Infection-prevention clothing
AAMI level 2 (after 100 washings)

Cool Touch

Feels cool and comfortable to the touch


Antifouling B method (hydrophilic) Resistance to stains/ease of removing stains Class 5





UV Shielding

Ultraviolet Light Protection

Moisture Permeability

Moisture permeability B-1


A Guided Tour of ZERO-TEX® 3

Water repellent and lightweight

The many features of ZERO-TEX®
fabrics add value and possibilities.


Water Repellency

The most distinctive feature of ZERO-TEX® is its excellent durable water repellency, which is achieved through a unique production process and careful control of chemicals and temperature. This is due to the balance of adsorption force between the fabric and water, and ZERO-TEX® with such strong water repellency prevents the fabric from becoming soaked even if it gets wet in a sudden downpour, etc. The water repellency can be maintained even after 100 washes (tested by a third-party testing organization). It has been proven that the water repellency will not be lost even after washing and drying at home.



Utilizing the fiber structure of natural fibers, ZERO-TEX has excellent moisture release and breathability properties. This reduces discomfort caused by stuffiness and stickiness while wearing and keeps the wearer dry and comfortable. Because it is not post-processed, the original structure is utilized, so this functionality continues even after repeated washing, and the material is soft and durable against the skin, making it a material you will want to wear repeatedly.


By blending natural materials with low electrical resistance into the fabric, this material is less likely to cling due to static electricity caused by friction between the body and clothing, and less likely to cause static shock when touching something. While many materials store static electricity due to dryness, ZERO-TEX maintains a moderate level of humidity, so it can maintain a stable electrostatic charge even when worn for long periods. It is a material that is gentle to both the body and machinery, even when used in situations where precision equipment is handled, as well as in general clothing.

Breathability Testing

A certain company
No antistatic processing

B certain company
Antistatic processing

Our company
Antistatic processing

Electrostatic Propensity Testing

A certain company
No antistatic processing

B certain company
Antistatic processing

Our company
Antistatic processing


Stain Resistance

The highest grade in the stain resistance test JIS L 1919 (method B) has been obtained from the Quality Evaluation Organization. We have developed a unique method to maximize both stain resistance and stain removal by controlling the balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic components of the chemicals used in the stain resistance treatment at the nano-level. Because this product is stain-resistant and it is easy to remove stains, it is suitable for all types of work. It is a stress-free material because you can concentrate on your work without worrying about stains.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays can be very damaging to the skin. ZERO-TEX is very suitable for UV protection and blocks UV rays well, even with white fabrics, which are easily penetrated by UV rays. Even in seasons and times when UV rays are high, ZERO-TEX prevents UV rays from penetrating through the fabric to the skin, and this effect is maintained even after repeated washing, making it a material that can be worn with peace of mind over the long term.

Cool to the touch

ZERO-TEX® fabric has a contact cooling sensation when you touch it. ZERO-TEX® has excellent moisture permeability, which quickly releases the moisture that tends to accumulate and keeps the surface of the fabric that is in contact with the skin fresh, while its high moisture content in the fiber and high thermal diffusion rate quickly absorbs and diffuses moisture in the fabric and removes vaporization heat. Therefore, heat is transferred instantaneously from the skin to the fabric, and the skin feels cool. It is comfortable to wear all day long and is very effective in preventing heat stroke and heat exhaustion during hot weather such as summer.

Pollen Doesn't Adhere to the Fabric

When you are outside, pollen tends to stick to your clothes. This fabric with pollen-releasing properties not only prevents pollen from sticking to your clothes but also allows you to remove pollen from your clothes by simply wiping it off with your hands. It also has water repellency and UV protection, making it resistant to light rain and ultraviolet rays, making it a strong ally for those suffering from hay fever.

Infection Prevention

ZERO-TEX® was developed with time, money, and care. Numerous test results have shown that it helps to protect against infection from Covid-19 and is presently being sold for use in protective clothing worldwide. Protect your employees and your customers with ZERO-TEX®.

INTERTEK* certification

The advantages of ZERO-TEX® fabric include easily keeping track of the washing cycle limits and contributing to SDGs and ESGs

Laundering tested by Intertec (certified company)
AAMI level2, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can be washed and reused 25 to 100 times* in harsh test environments.
*Varies by product.

AATCC 42-2017: measures the resistance of a fabric to water penetration upon impact. (AATCC, 2018)
AATCC 127-2017: measures fabric resistance to water penetration under hydrostatic pressure. (AATCC, 2017)


The Value of Recycled Polyester

Japan: 3 billion garments destroyed per year

World: 200 billion garments destroyed per year

Japan accounts for about 15% of the world’s clothing waste. Unlike ordinary polyester, which is made from petroleum, coal, or natural gas, recycled polyester is made by reusing used plastic bottles and film scraps. Yamagin Y.K. is a member of the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), an international certification organization that certifies that products are properly recycled, and is committed to responsible production as a socially, environmentally, and scientifically responsible producer.


OEKO TEX® offers quality and safety assurance certification for products and processing.
This company has been certified as “MADE IN GREEN by OEKO TEX®” Materials produced by the ASEAN Toray Group PENFABRIC SDN BERHAD.

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