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Introducing the new product lineup from ZERO-TEX!

Transparency Guard Shirt Collection by ZERO-TEX

We have released the third installment of the “Transparency Shield Series – ZERO-TEX See-Through Prevention For Shirt” on April 12, 2023. This innovative product provides excellent see-through prevention for shirts.

We have ensured the preservation of the fundamental concepts of ZERO-TEX. The use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials that are gentle to both people and the Earth, and high-functionality with features such as water repellency and stain resistance are our goals. While maintaining the same thickness as traditional shirt fabrics, our product guarantees transparency resistance with a rate of 93% or higher. Furthermore, this product has been used in collaboration with OPA Co., Ltd. for their sustainable project “Transforming Information Uniforms with Sustainable Materials.” Starting from April 2023, it has been utilized as blouse dress shirt material, offering not only the fundamental benefits of sustainability and ZERO-TEX but also a sense of security and peace of mind due to its reduced transparency.

Transparency Shield Series 3
 Transparency Shield Series – Stage 3, with the same thickness as conventional shirt fabric, achieves a transparency resistance rate of 93% or higher.

Mr. Akihide Nishikawa, CEO of Yamagin and Developer of ZERO-TEX

We have succeeded in developing materials that make consumers think, “I’m really glad I wore this!” in an era where sellers often prioritize pushing low-priced products instead of developing materials that consumers would genuinely want to wear. Our focus has been on creating materials from the consumer’s perspective, ensuring that they provide a sense of satisfaction from the moment they are worn.

I personally wear inner layers underneath my white shirts, and I dislike it when the inner layer is visible. Additionally, I wanted to be able to enjoy eating ramen or udon without worrying about stains. It was from these desires that we developed this product. I encourage you to try it for yourself and experience the difference.

Environmental sustainability is becoming the norm, and we will continue to proactively advance the development of materials that are sustainable for both the environment and people.

Ms. Miki Nitani, CMO of Yamagin

We have recognized the common issue of white blouses being see-through, and it has been our ongoing goal to address this concern. After extensive development, we have successfully created a shirt fabric that is less transparent and resistant to stains. This remarkable material combines optimal breathability with water repellency. We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce this fabric to you and extend our gratitude to our dedicated development team. We are committed to sharing the exceptional qualities of this material with a wider audience.

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